Video & Data Services


Direct Access Internet Service
BC Net’s Direct Access Internet Service is an ideal solution for companies that require high-speed Internet with symmetrical bandwidth to support mission-critical applications such as e-commerce, video conferencing and web applications. Read more
Vidyocon is a web-based videoconferencing service that delivers high quality video communication over the Internet without requiring any expensive hardware to buy and maintain. Read more
BiPstream is a video streaming service with a text-based interface which is ideal for conferences with a large audience where two-way videoconferencing is simply not feasible. Read more
Virtual Private Network
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) helps businesses with multiple offices keep information private and secure while sharing files across long distances. Read more
Server ONE
BC Net offers server co-location services which enable the client company to continue mission-critical operations in the face of both planned and unplanned interruptions. Read more
IPTV Services
The Internet has become the primary source of entertainment and information for households worldwide. Read more


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