Our retail solutions provide better communications for individuals and businesses alike whereas our corporate/BPO solutions group has been custom tailored to fit the increasing demands of small to medium businesses upwards to large corporations.

At BC Net, we have a solution for nearly every communications need.


Voice Services


MoBIP is a mobile application which turns mobile phones into world phones. MoBIP runs on WiFi and 3G or 4G data networks and supports Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Nokia Symbian 9.x/3G and Windows Mobile 5 & 6 Phone. Read more
Business VoIP over SIP or PRI Trunks
As one of the leading VoIP service providers in the Philippines; BC Net offers innovative, easy-to-use and highly affordably IP-based communications solutions to clients. Read more
International Toll Free Service
BC Net’s Toll Free service is a managed Voice over IP communication solution that supports inbound toll-free calling on the client’s data network giving them toll-free service for their various sites. Read more
BIP Box connects directly to any wired broadband Internet connection and users can immediately start calling relatives, friends and business contacts all over the world. Read more
VoIP Long Distance
For companies who already have an existing IP – PBX, BC Net offers clients ways to lower their monthly long distance calls without replacing their existing phone systems by running voice and data on the same network. Read more

Video & Data Services


Direct Access Internet Service
BC Net’s Direct Access Internet Service is an ideal solution for companies that require high-speed Internet with symmetrical bandwidth to support mission-critical applications such as e-commerce, video conferencing and web applications. Read more
Vidyocon is a web-based videoconferencing service that delivers high quality video communication over the Internet without requiring any expensive hardware to buy and maintain. Read more
BiPstream is a video streaming service with a text-based interface which is ideal for conferences with a large audience where two-way videoconferencing is simply not feasible. Read more
Virtual Private Network
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) helps businesses with multiple offices keep information private and secure while sharing files across long distances. Read more
Server ONE
BC Net offers server co-location services which enable the client company to continue mission-critical operations in the face of both planned and unplanned interruptions. Read more
IPTV Services
The Internet has become the primary source of entertainment and information for households worldwide. Read more

Wireless Services


Fatpipe Wi-Fi
Fatpipe is BC Net’s Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) network service suitable for any hotspot operator. A hotspot is a public place where the visitor has access to a wireless network that allows them to check email or surf the internet. Read more
Point-to-point Broadband
Point-to-point broadband services are available to anyone with a line-of-sight to our broadcast points. We will dedicate a node on our broadcast hub and beam a high-speed internet connection directly to your business, hotel or community center and then it is up to you how it is used. Read more
Point-to-multipoint Broadband
With high-end wireless networking hardware and the backbone of our network infrastructure, BC Net, Inc is capable of providing point-to-multipoint wireless broadband services for any area you wish to cover from a college campus to an entire town. Read more


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