Fatpipe is BC Net’s Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) network service suitable for any hotspot operator. A hotspot is a public place where the visitor has access to a wireless network that allows them to check email or surf the internet. Fatpipe takes care of tedious back-end services allowing the operator to concentrate on its core business. For its subscribers, Fatpipe handles authentication, metering, billing, prepaid coupons, reporting, monitoring and network management, customer care and user provisioning.

Scope of Services:

• Network design
• Installation, configuration and implementation
• Network testing and optimization
• Wi-Fi user Control
(authentication, monitor, network  control, etc.)
• FATPIPE Login Page
• System upgrade and maintenance
• 24 / 7 / 365 hotline technical support

BC Net’s Fatpipe clients are Hotels, Coffee Shops, Condominiums, Learning Centers and Food Plazas, Dormitories, Hospitals and Corporate Offices.

The service is suitable for any environment including airports, shopping malls and other environments where WiFi access is desirable for clients, residents or employees.

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